On April 30th, 2016 Brno held an exclusive event. NEW ESSENS Grand Opening. This unforgettable event was designed for every member of the ESSENS Club, which met in February and March simple qualifying conditions. We were pleased by such huge interest. For the event arrived more than 500 guests from seven states in which the branch ESSENS is located. For the ceremony came also the representatives from Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia and a very large group from Italy. Apart from a few strategic partners ESSENS headed by representatives of K2Pharm and Ingredia, even the owners of such companies like Seluz and Erte Cosmetics, Murat Öztürk and Turgut Tepret honored us with a visit.

The program involved interesting lectures of PharmDr. Milan Krajicek, tours of the New Headquarter’s interior and well as explanation of each department’s responsibilities. We heard also the opening speech of the founders and owners of ESSENS, Mr.Viliam Lalinsky, Mr. Libor Prus and Mr. Michal Kovar, photo book launch capturing unique moments during construction of the entire complex and that suspenseful moment when the commissioner from the Agency Dobrý den! recorded biggest sand sculpture in the Central Europe.